Short Bio

With over 15 years of experience in Virtualization technologies I am currently working on the lower-level parts of the stack to attack issues related to performance, scalability, power-efficiency and security in hypervisors. Since 2015 I have been affiliated with UK & EU firms, building & architecting solutions for efficient execution of workloads in the Cloud and at the Edge. I have been involved in many parts of the systems software stack, including device drivers, memory management, network/block layers etc.

Previously, I was a Post-doc at CSLab, NTUA, working on bridging the gap between common HPC practices and virtualization. My research interests include I/O Virtualization, systems software for high-performance I/O in virtualized environments, systems support for heterogeneous platforms, communication architectures for clusters, and scalable storage architectures based on clusters.

I hold a Diploma in Engineering (2006) from ECE, NTUA and a PhD in Computer Engineering (2013) from NTUA.

I have been involved in the academic research community for quite some time, serving as TPC member or external referee for various CS-related conferences and scientific journals. Since 2011, I co-organize the VHPC workshop series, held in conjunction with Europar, SC, and ISC.

Work experience